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How do I get rid of insects in the house myself?

Among the most annoying things in the home are insects, and to avoid the entry of insects into the house there is a set of precautions that you must follow to avoid the emergence of insects in the home.

You must close all the cracks in the walls or around the walls to prevent the entry of insects into the house, which will facilitate the process of pest control.

All entrances and exits must be reviewed, whether they are doors or windows, and to ensure that there are no gaps between the frames and the walls, which allow the entry of insects.

Ensure the safety of wires and nets around windows to repel flying insects, especially flies and mosquitoes, from entering the house.

Ensure the safety of the hood fan in the kitchen and bathroom, and maintain and clean sewer openings and drains regularly.

Checking all electrical appliances, boxes and furnishings before bringing them to the house to ensure they are free from insects.

Good lighting in the house and allowing sunlight to reach all parts of the house are very important factors in the process of pest control.

For more control of insects in our homes in Abu Dhabi, it is necessary to ensure that the house is well ventilated.

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