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Getting rid of insects

Getting rid of insects

*Question fired by one of the people, not an entomologist; But he was the reason for writing this article, the question was: Do insects get sick like humans, plants, inanimate objects and animals do?! The answer: Humans, animals, plants and inanimate objects are all creatures, and every creature has a beginning and an end. Between the beginning and the end, every creature goes through stages of strength and weakness. Among the cases of weakness: sickness, and sickness is accompanied by a feeling of pain, and every creature that gets sick is treated. In the beginning, man was concerned with his diseases, ailments, and ailments, so medicine, medicine, diagnosis, examination, x-rays, analysis and other means of treatment were; Then man discovered and treated plant diseases; The same applies to animal diseases and their treatment, and even inanimate objects are affected by disease, such as: landslides, cracks, cracks, glass cancer, iron rust, copper buttress ........ etc. * Since insects are animals, the journey of discovering the infection of insects with diseases passed through stages, the first of which are: Discovering the existence of the sense process as one of the vital processes practiced by insects. Second: _ Discover the feeling of insects in pain. Third: _ Discovering the disease, as pain is evidence of the presence of the disease, or the occurrence of a cause of pain without disease, such as: catching insects with fire, or cutting off part of their body, or taking them with a sharp object such as: a needle

* Scientist Greg Neely and his team of researchers at the Charles Perkins Center at the University of Sydney, Australia, discovered evidence that insects feel constant pain after injury. Scientists previously knew that insects feel pain and this discovery was in 2003 and it was just something like pain; But new research using a technique looking at genetic evidence has proven for the first time that insects suffer from chronic pain that persists long after the injury has healed.

* According to VICE, the study of pain in insects provides the first genetic evidence of what causes chronic pain in fruit flies. There is good evidence that similar changes also lead to chronic pain in humans; Therefore, research continues until the development of the first treatments that target the cause of the disease; And not just symptoms of chronic pain.

* And if as humans we have hospitals to treat animals, and we have doctors, nurses, and nurses who treat animals; The insects are and some other animals; One of the wonders is the treating doctor and the hospital, where animals, including insects, of course treat themselves, using herbs, plants, and other substances not only to improve their health; Rather, it is to treat itself, its young and its offspring, and there is a video clip that was captured from the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland for a species of monkeys that rubs its body with onions and citric acid as a kind of sterilizer, which is the same as what happens from some insects to themselves, where they hate female monarch butterflies laying their eggs on a kind of The wild anti-parasitic herb, commonly known as milkweed, provides immediate treatment for youngsters.

* Although this information is new and unfamiliar about insects; However, we must know that nature is a large open pharmacy that animals benefit from, including insects, and here insects find their treatment with plants, solid and other liquid materials, knowing that insects in their normal life feed on some plants that give their body immunity, and man has learned from these insects How does he treat himself, and with what part of the plant: Leaves, or seeds, or tree secretions, or roots. There are insects that feed on agricultural soil fluids, which may sometimes be a cure for their diseases.

* After this simple review of insect diseases and how they treat themselves; The information is still scarce, and scholars are still striving to expand the scope of research on insect diseases, and ways to treat insects for themselves. We do not forget all of this that we, as human beings, have to protect ourselves from harmful insects and their symptoms and diseases; In the context of protecting ourselves, scholars have strived for thousands of years to know and identify the types of harmful insects, and ways to combat and eliminate them and get rid of their effects. For this reason, private universities, colleges, institutes, academies, research centers, companies and factories were opened to get rid of insects;

Our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain is one of the companies that takes into account the needs of its customers in getting rid of insects, sterilizing facilities, cleaning and disinfecting, with the highest standards of quality, accuracy, speed and follow-up. Which he is satisfied with, and thus our company in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain, according to the testimony of the dealers, becomes a distinguished company that works professionally in performance, scientific, chemical and vital in follow-up..

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