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Getting rid of insects

Getting rid of insects


Subtract :

_ Is it good manners for a person, who is the honored being of God Almighty above all creatures, to rid himself of other creatures?!

_ Do the heavenly religions see the permissibility of getting rid of wild animals and harmful insects with any kind of harm?

Or the necessity of getting rid and not just the permissibility of getting rid of insects?

Does mercy mean the tenderness of the heart, the nobility of feelings and the serenity of souls, the closure of factories, factories and companies of pesticides?

In order for people to become friends of the environment and deserving of mercy on the basis of: “He who is ruthless, will not be ruthless”?!

_ Does a person feel safe from the evil of wild animals, harmful insects, or microorganisms?

That transmits diseases or threatens his life on the pretext of “animal kindness” at all, and for all animals?!


All of these questions open the doors to multiple and different answers, including philosophical, religious, logical, and realistic. But we will deal with a side different from the above, which is the innate and instinctive side, and our answer is the survival instinct, and in order for a person to remain alive, he must do two things.

The first is to preserve his life

The second: responding to any attack on him

Whereas, insects and harmful animals represent a danger to human life; So it must be disposed of.

service :

In the city of "Abu Dhabi and Al Ain" we help you to get rid of all harmful animals and insects by providing a cleaning and disinfection service for residential and administrative buildings and other damages of all these insects

We provide services to deal with all causes of damage easily and quickly, moving to those requesting our services with ease and ease to keep the city of "Abu Dhabi and Al Ain" and its residents safe from animals and harmful insects

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