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Flies control

Flies control

* Many, and perhaps everyone, is disturbed by the buzzing of flies, and indeed the flies have an annoying sound for everyone who hears it, and they keep looking for any way to expel them from the place they are in. For information, the places in which flies live are almost too many, as they live in the aquatic environment, semi-aquatic, and wet soil Plant tissues, animal tissues, animal dung, bird troughs, low salinity water, and parts of aquatic plants from roots, stems, leaves, and pits found in aquatic sediments where the insect itself or its larvae reside. Non-aquatic larvae of flies live in dry soil, fungi, plants, waste and under the bark Trees and oil ponds, meaning that man and his possessions are surrounded all the time by flies and their larvae

* As for the damage of flies, it begins not with its annoying sound, i.e. buzzing; But we are more disturbed when we know that the larvae of most types of flies, which are before the full insect, feed on the organic matter of living organisms after their death, and parasitize on animals, and a few of them feed on plants, which harms agricultural crops, vegetables and fruits. We forget that flies feed on ready-made foods that humans leave exposed in their pots, as well as on exposed sweets, juices and vinegar, and flies by moving them between all these environments, waste and garbage transmit diseases to humans and animals.

* One of the most dangerous information about flies is that it gathers in numbers exceeding tens of thousands and lives according to its different types. For example, house flies have an average lifespan of 30 days and fruit flies have an average lifespan of 47 to 64 days, and the adult fly adapts to a number of different environments and thus combating flies is imperative. All humans and those who are exposed to flies or flies are exposed to them, they and their animals and plants, and the nature of Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain imposes on its residents to combat the flies that reside in gardens, farms, parks, horse stables, homes and other things that spread in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain, which are beautiful and which many tourists and others come to. It is necessary to call our work teams in the company, which fulfill all requests and provide a prevention and eradication service for insects, as well as a cleaning and disinfection service after spraying.

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