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Flies control

Flies control

Perhaps you have listened to the song: The Cursed Fly, and perhaps you liked the melody and the words and the way the singer performed; But of course, you will not be happy if any fly landed on your food, or came close to your face or hands, or its ridiculous humming sounded next to your ear, or passed in front of your face and kept bothering you for hours and trying to expel it in vain, and here we advise you to read this article to make sure that it is necessary to control flies

* One day, one of the specialists in entomology wrote: “The danger of the fly is greater than the danger of the atomic bomb.” His name is: Al-Damanhouri Hassan Abrik in his book: Insects and their Relationship to Man, issued by Dar Al-Iman for printing, publishing and distribution in 1998 AD. It is an exaggeration. But the truth is that the issue needs to know the danger of flies and attention to the necessity of combating flies, which are an insect spread all over the world

* There are 10,000 species of flies in the world, of which ten species are in homes, and one of the differences between the male and the female is that the female is larger than the male, and her eyes are separated more than the male, and the food of the flies is on human food from liquid and semi-liquid materials. Solid food, then flies secrete saliva on it to turn it into a liquid or semi-liquid substance.

* The danger in the insect, which is required to combat flies, is that the female mates once and stores the semen to lay eggs later, where the female pours eggs on exposed human food or garbage in batches, each batch approximately one hundred eggs, each egg hatches to release larvae, each of which turns into a vector fly Diseases that have stored their germs in mold and garbage materials, in addition to the faeces of the fly itself.

* After this simple offer, we direct the attention of the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to the necessity of flies control, and we guarantee them, through our company, to provide a fly control service, prevention and treatments, through specialists who shift all over Abu Dhabi and Al Ain under the slogan “Experience is the basis.”

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