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The concepts of murder and death:


_ Many people imagine that killing and death are the same, and the truth is that between

The two have many differences, including the following:

* Murder is a beginning, and death is an end, meaning that killing may lead to death, so in the language of law it is a killing that leads to death

death .

* Killing may not lead to death or cause injury or disability.

* Killing is in the hands of man, and death is in the hands of God, and therefore man will be held accountable for murder, and it is a crime with varying penalties

Determined by laws, premeditated murder is not

such as manslaughter, attempted murder,

It is not the same as killing itself, and killing that does not

It leads to death, not the same as murder that leads to death.

* Based on this, every death is murder if the cause of it is murder, and not every murder is death

* Kill Project:


We kill deliberately; We kill without punishment, and we carry a license to kill; Rather, we are hired to kill, so we earn money and appreciation from others. That's because we

Harmful Home Insect Killing Company

And our headquarters is in the beautiful city (Abu Dhabi)

* We have many means, devices, methods and pesticides to kill insects in the beautiful (Abu Dhabi), through technicians and workers with efficiency that our customers from the beloved public in the city testify to.

(Abu Dhabi), and our technicians and workers are trained in the art of dealing with the public

What are the rules of professional ethics and etiquette?

It extends from the ethics and etiquette of religions and the general norms of society, and the specifics of each individual and family.

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