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cockroach control

cockroach control

* Harmful insects, which are sometimes called pests, certainly represent an enemy to man and his property, and therefore by knowing about you the true one, you can confront, defeat and eliminate it, and the cockroach is definitely harmful insects, especially if we know that cockroaches are among the most abundant creatures on earth with their types, types and billions of numbers of their members One of the wonders in the world of cockroaches is that the cockroach can reduce its size, that is, reduce its size to cross through a small opening of 15 millimeters, and when it is smaller in size to enter from this hole, its diameter is no more than 5 millimeters to walk inside a tube of small diameter. It is surprising that some cockroaches can run or run for a distance of 5 kilos. meters per hour, and this confirms his ability to survive in the harsh conditions that force him to flee, and in order to hide from the eyes of his enemies, the first of whom is the human when he feels his presence, the cockroach can hold his breath for 40 minutes The cockroach's ability to hold its breath Can escape from poisonous gases which may be released into the air during wars or for any other reasons; While humans, animals and some other insects fail to save themselves from any dangers they may be exposed to.

* Likewise, one of the most amazing and strange things that God Almighty has given cockroaches is the ability to live and live in all environments: hot, temperate and cold. In forests, deserts, elegant and clean houses, deserted houses, pits, ponds, swamps, and others.

* And please do not be surprised if you know that the cockroaches whose presence we are bothered by and some of us disgust with their appearance and body shape; It exchanges disgust for you, O human, with disgust, and disgust with disgust, as entomologists have recorded And the accuracy of their scientific observations in their study of cockroaches, that if they If she comes into contact with the human body, she quickly flees to a far place to clean her body from the effects of friction By human.

*Because of the ability of cockroaches to live in all environments; It can also live in all harsh and bad conditions such as natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, floods, etc., as well as living in hurricanes and in the midst of epidemics. Serious, infectious and deadly diseases, and finally, you live in the dangers of nuclear and atomic war, where you survived In World War II in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan.

* When food disappears in any environment, cockroaches can feed on dirt, wood, and others. Hence, we draw attention to the importance of preparing for a war or battle of cockroaches, which is among the factors in adapting to various types of cockroaches Types of environments, and bad conditions that they adapt to different types of pesticides if It survived some of them, so in the fight against cockroaches, it is necessary to know the latest types of pesticides that failed to eliminate cockroaches and use them in the most effective way, which is available to our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, where we have an effective service to combat cockroaches, and we are pleased to contact the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to request the cockroach control service that he requests We are always residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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