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cockroach control

cockroach control

_Perhaps the most important information about cockroaches that entomologists have discovered is that they are social insects, which means that they live together in one place and are related by kinship as is known to humans, and God has endowed them with the ability to get to know each other, which facilitates their gathering in one place.

_ They also live together even if there is no kinship relationship, and this is the danger, whether the gathering is because of

Kinship or other than the cause of kinship, they get to know each other, and this means that the fight against cockroaches must be in the form of a collective confrontation of human work teams and using modern methods that make the confrontation effective and with tangible results, which is what is available to our company in the city (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) through trained specialists. The residents of (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) witnessed them.

_ It should also be noted that cockroaches have the ability to divulge information, which increases their danger and puts our company operating in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) responsible for combating cockroaches and expanding the scope of control by increasing the number of technicians and specialists, and reviewing the latest scientific studies in combating cockroach insects.

_ For information, cockroaches can withstand extreme cold temperatures, up to 122 to 188 below grade, and prevent themselves from freezing by making a protective shell against freezing from glycerin. Rather, in cold times in winter, and for all days of the year, which made our company in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) always ready to combat cockroaches.

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