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Centipede control

Centipede control

* This creature is multi-named, among its names is Centipede-legged, or Minion, or multi-legged sect, and it was named by this name (centipede) because it contains forty-four extras; But in fact it contains multiple legs between 20 to 300, it is an animal between 10 to 15 centimeters in length with a flattened body from top to bottom consisting of a head and a trunk. And attacking them, and spread centipede all over the world, including different colors and sizes. A female centipedeis an ideal mother, as she incubates her eggs from two to three weeks, as she wraps her body around them until they hatch and then protects them after they leave for several days as well. Dew and near beaches under stones and houses and in gardens under tree leaves and in garbage waste. This animal is not exposed to the sun and does not go out for hunting except at night because it is exposed to severe drought if it goes out during the day and does not contain a waxy layer that protects the body from dehydration or prevents the leakage of fluids and is present in Spring under rocks and perennial plants

* centipede feeds on insects and earthworms, and what is less than its size than the rest of the insects. * The danger of centipede lies in its toxicity, although its toxicity is weak and not fatal, similar to a bee sting, but it is very painful and results in a tumor at the site of the sting; But it is fatal to children and the elderly if it is of a large type, and it is said that all its legs excrete poison, when all of them are used in stinging.

*Our customers who are residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain should pay attention to the following:

1- Not to hold the animal by the hand or tamper with it in deserted places.

2- If you are an amateur and want to study the animal, you should grab it with a reptile-gathering fork and from the side of the head, then carefully lift the tongs and put the animal in a jar containing anesthetics such as chlorform, then transfer it to the preservation liquid.

* This is how the danger of M44 appears in its toxicity, and resistance to Harisha or centipede requires caution and not being reckless, and we advise our clients from the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain that in terms of resistance to Harisha or centipede, it is necessary to take the previous precautions, and then call our work teams located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to resist this dangerous creature With toxicity in accordance with the principle: "Prevention is better than cure." Our motto "Experience is the basis" We have been working for more than 15 years # Cockroach control # Ant control # Termite control # Bed bug control # Moth control # Flies control # Mosquito control # Ticks control # Mites control # Spiders control # Rat control # Rodent control # Bee control # Wasps control # Lice control # Fleas control # Gecko control # Lizard control # Beetles control # Weevils control # Anti termite treatment # Silverfish control # Household insects control #pest control Abu Dhabi

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