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best pest control in Abu Dhabi

The best pest control company in Abu Dhabi

* The following dialogue took place between a requester for pest control service and an official of Mazaya Company in Abu Dhabi: Service Requester: Do you not see that extermination of insects is cruelty of man to a being created by God to live? Company official: Allow me to answer your question with a question: Do you accept that insects infect you with diseases they transmit or bites that hurt your body or make you red, or spoil the grains you have stored, or tear your clothes and textiles, or cause your food to rot? Service Requester: Of course, I do not accept all these damages. Company official: For your information, the damages are more than that, including, for example, but not limited to: the decay of wood that makes up the foundations of homes, companies, factories and various buildings in any country, as well as the destruction of some crops, the destruction of vegetables and the destruction of fruits, and the harassment of insects with their annoying sounds and sometimes their frightening images, in addition to the losses that insects cause to the economies of countries at the global, regional and local levels in billions of different currencies, however, the damage is increasing year after year Service Requester: You are right ; But I read on your company’s website and other companies, specialized and non-specialized magazines, websites, group books and others, about the benefits of insects and what they provide to humans, animals and plants. With virtuous moral values ​​that call for compassion for animals, as well as animal welfare societies. Allow me also to ask you how your company and all the pest control companies in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and elsewhere, factories producing pesticides, and scientists specializing in pest control, accept; That you earn your money from exterminating insects that benefit human society, the animal world and the plant world? Company official: When you become between two contradictory matters, and you have to choose between one of them; You must remember a human rule that all human beings work on in every time and place, which is: repelling harm is more important than obtaining benefit, and in Islamic sciences it is written: “Preventing evil takes precedence over bringing benefit.” They are realized and exist for a long time, because God has made them subservient to these services, so do not worry that the benefits will reach you, and pay the damages on behalf of yourself, your children, your family and all people. Service Requester: What you say is very convincing, and it is what people actually do, and animals that deserve kindness, including insects, are what do not harm humans, animals and plants of all kinds. Company official: It is clear that you are convinced, and the evidence for that is that you mentioned the condition of harming and not harming, and certainly what does not harm a person will not harm a person, and what harms a person will work to combat it, agreed? Service Requester: Yes, deal ; But allow me some questions, what are the tasks that Mazaya Company performs in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for pest control? Company official:

1_ Our mission is to provide integrated control programs to eliminate the problem of insects and pests, and these programs are designed specifically for our customers with continuous follow-up to our customer through customer service as our priority is the satisfaction of our customers with our services.

2_ Effective control to eliminate insects and pests and help maintain health. We know that the presence of pests has a direct detrimental effect on agricultural food production, and on public health. Therefore, pests must be eliminated and material losses should be reduced for all food sources and natural resources.

3_ Within the framework of the foregoing services and tasks; We are keen to provide the triple service: quality, accuracy and speed Service Requester: You mentioned the concern for maintaining health, how is this done through your company? Company official:

1_ Using high-quality tools and materials that do not harm the environment and what is in it, which are tools approved by the UAE Ministry of Health, to comply with all health and environmental guidelines Service Requester: I heard from some friends that you offer distinguished services, so what are those services? Service Officer: Entering the company's website and through the comments and reactions of the company's dealers and readers of the site reveals the reasons for excellence and excellence, which are:

1_ Guarantee and high credibility

2_ Affordable prices, and special offers.

3- Comprehensive services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Service Requester: What are your experiences? What are the capabilities of your company's specialists? Company official: Our company has been working in this field under its full name “Mazaya Clean” since 2008. These long years have given us multiple experiences in the field of pest control and continuity for many years means the trust of customers in the services provided to them; How much that we clean and sterilize homes and all buildings after providing an insect control service, increases customer confidence in the performance of our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; In addition to our use of environmentally friendly materials. As for specialists, they are the owners of theoretical and practical studies, and they are well trained in the arts of this profession. They are also constantly studying, training, following up and gaining experience, as the company monitors permanent reactions to the performance of our company. We also intend to conduct opinion polls directly with our customers after providing services to them, and to readers of our company's website Service Requester: Allow me one last question: How do you view the criteria for considering the best pest control company in Abu Dhabi? Company official:

1_ It must be approved by the UAE administrative government departments and the UAE Ministry of Health

2_ That the company has an attractive website for service seekers and readers, and this is evident from the number of people joining the site and service seekers who publish their comments and reactions towards the company and the services it provides

3_ The company should be interested in the triple success: quality, accuracy and speed

4_ to have experience over time; And that is available to us without recommending ourselves; but By following the website

5_ The company has not been subjected to negative penalties for practicing the license, or its license has been withdrawn

6_ To have a good reputation that is transmitted directly through friends, acquaintances, bewilders, and others7_ To have the same good reputation, not for the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, but for the Arab and foreign communities residing and expatriates.

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