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Best pest control company

Best pest control company

* There are those who talk about compassion for animals, and there are associations for animal welfare spread all over the world, and there are those who demand to stop harming animals, and there are man-made religions whose followers believe in absolutely not harming animals, and here they are answered that whoever fights harmful animals such as harmful insects is not outside on the rules of mercy; Rather, he is defending himself and his life, and here the issue can be summed up in the necessity of combating everything that is harmful, so that the person himself fights the human beings who harm and harm others, such as those who occupy countries or attack other human beings in what is called international law and local laws with the right to self-defense This is guaranteed by religions, sects, constitutions, laws, customs, traditions, and others, and they set principles and controls for it.

* Since the insects that belong to the animal world, some are beneficial and some are harmful, People have benefited from their benefits and faced their harms, and in the context of controlling harmful insects, we see a company for pest control based in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain that provides services to the population of this broad sector of people. We believe that the best pest control company is the one that follows the following criteria:

1_ The company that provides, in terms of time, the triple service: prevention of insect damage, treatment of insect damage, and post-treatment service

2_ The company that trains its employees and employees, in theory and in practice, on the previously mentioned triple service

3_ The company that closely follows up around the clock everything new in the field of pest control in terms of prevention and treatment of insect damage and discoveries of chemical pesticides, and vital materials produced by research centers, companies, factories and universities outside and inside the country

4_ A company that is keen to provide its service on the three principles of speed, quality and continuity.

* Looking at the previous criteria, we will deal with the term “insecticide”, which is sometimes called “pesticide”, and there is a subtle difference between the two terms. While a pesticide can exterminate insects and weeds in the plant world; In other words, pesticide is a broader and more comprehensive term than insecticide and insecticides are divided into different types, including natural organic pesticides derived from the world of plants and animals, and synthetic organic pesticides in the laboratory, and there are complete chemical pesticides that are synthesized inside laboratories through what scientists specialize in combating Insects, who form teams of entomologists, chemists, agricultural and animal economists, and others

* Pesticides have spread widely in all continents of the world and for decades, there were reasons that led to the spread of pesticides, and these reasons are as follows:

1_ It has a quick effect, that is, it is fast acting

2_ Ease of obtaining it due to its availability in sales outlets

3_ The licenses of their prices and the possibility of providing these prices in comparison to the prevention of damages resulting from not using them, in addition to financial losses

4_ Simplicity of methods of use

5_ Ease of disposal of bottles (bottles and containers) by throwing them in containers for pesticides

* However, with many benefits except; Our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain advises its customers not to use these pesticides personally and to leave the matter to specialists, technicians and our customers, in order to avoid the following damages resulting from misuse on the basis of “every facilitator of what he was created for”: Memory loss, respiratory paralysis, weakened immune system, allergies, high blood pressure, central nervous system damage, cancer, liver failure and hormonal imbalance.

* For information, there are problems caused by chemical pesticides. After mentioning the negative effects on humans, there are harmful effects on plants, including the following:

1_ Harmfully changing the color of the leaves of the plant and the occurrence of transpiration, i.e. the water coming out in abundance, which causes the drying of the green parts. One of the most famous examples of this is the effect of the herbicides that were used to exterminate harmful weeds on the sides of railways and public roads.

2_ Obstruction of photosynthesis processes in plants, which prevents the formation of fruits, which in turn is reflected in the economy in each country and causes many losses in the field of agricultural economy

3_ Adverse effect on fish and birds in both fresh and salt lakes

4_ Harmful effects on beneficial insects such as bees and silkworms, which causes an imbalance in the natural ecological balance in various environments and results in the spread of harmful insects and an increase in their numbers in the absence of beneficial insects.

5_ The harmful effect on agricultural soil after spraying, as the composition of the soil and the organisms present in it are affected by nitrogen fixers, the possibility of access to groundwater and soil erosion.

* Based on this, we clearly declare, as a pest control company based in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, that we: First, we apply quality standards in our work in a way that makes our customers testify to us of good service. This is why our work has been for more than 15 years, in which we try to correct mistakes and maximize achievements Second, careful follow-up of all the details of the resistance service, both biological and chemical Third, make sure to perform all of the above quickly; In addition to the speed of responding to customer requests.

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