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Best pest control Abu Dhabi

The best pest control company in Abu Dhabi

If your home or facility has been infested with insects, you need a pest control company specialized in this field in Abu Dhabi, so how do you choose the best pest control company.

First, you must look at the company’s documents, such as the commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, the permit to practice the profession issued by the Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management (Tadweer), and make sure that these documents are valid, second, you must make sure that the technicians and specialists in the pest control process They have the appropriate training and they have the appropriate permits.

Third, you must choose a company that has a long history and has sufficient experience in the field of pest control and rodent control. Fourth, it is better to read the company file. Fifthly, you should ask about the company’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi and make sure that they have a fixed and known headquarters. Sixth, you must check the validity of the insecticides used. Seventh, make sure that you get the necessary recommendations and procedures for health and safety in Abu Dhabi.

pest control

* From the dangerous information that suggests the magnitude of the problem in the relationship between humans and insects is that there are one and a half million types of insects as known species, while the estimated is about 10 million and accordingly, this huge number, whether estimated or known, makes insects the main competitor to man In the food on the planet Earth, as well as textiles and wood, which cause great corruption of all kinds of crops, trees, fruits, vegetables and textiles of all kinds, which makes insects the first enemy of living creatures for human beings.

* The majority of entomologists work in the field of economic entomology, which is also called applied entomology, because they study insect pests that cause spoilage in agricultural crops, ornamental trees, stored products, and buildings. They also study insect pests in food, textiles, and wood spoilage. There is even a so-called science of forest entomology, and this shows the danger of forest insects on the wood wealth that all humanity benefits from.

* The previous two paragraphs of this article reveal some of the dangers of insects, which are the first enemy of man among the living creatures on the surface of the earth. Even if there are beneficial insects, their number is limited and their benefit is not huge. Accordingly, we will enumerate and number some of the dangers to reveal the details of the battle that has been going on continuously and fiercely since Adam, peace be upon him, descended on earth and the sons of arthropods until the Day of Resurrection:

(1) Dangerous to agricultural crops such as wheat, corn, barley and others.

(2) Dangerous to textile crops such as cotton, flax and jute.

(3) Danger to timber trees such as carrots, eucalyptus, oaks, and others

(4) Dangerous to ornamental trees

(5) A danger to medicinal herbs, which reduces the availability of medicinal crops useful for humanity.

(6) Dangerous to the furniture of homes and buildings.

(7) Danger to fabrics, textiles, clothing, furnishings and others.

* So, we are facing an enemy that comes to us from every side, and from every direction and direction, which requires from each of us culture and knowledge, even in a limited way, according to the method: “Know your enemy,” which is what scientists, economic or applied entomologists, seek all the time by inventing new chemical or biological pesticides. New ways and means of pest control, and the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain must include those who own a farm, a home garden, an agricultural field, or someone who has a stock of crops, fabrics, or others that require the use of insect control companies, and our company has a special insect control license that we obtained from the Abu Dhabi Municipality And Al Ain after applying the criteria for obtaining a license or a license like this mentioned, and out of respect and appreciation for our customers who are residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; We are interested in providing all information obtained from reliable scientific sources before mentioning our company and the services and products it provides. Our motto "Experience is the basis" We have been working for more than 15 years # Cockroach control # Ant control # Termite control # Bed bug control # Moth control # Flies control # Mosquito control # Ticks control # Mites control # Spiders control # Rat control # Rodent control # Bee control # Wasps control # Lice control # Fleas control # Gecko control # Lizard control # Beetles control # Weevils control # Anti termite treatment # Silverfish control # Household insects control #pest control Abu Dhabi

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If you are looking for the best pest control company in Abu Dhabi, do not hesitate to contact us

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