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The best pest control company.

The concept of pest control is related to the elimination and extermination of harmful insects or pests, or at least reducing their danger and the damage they cause to humans or their domestic animals, or those seen in their barns, farms or stables, as well as to limiting the damage they cause to agricultural crops, fruits or vegetables. Or stored grains or any human property, which are chemical and biological pesticides, in addition to the modern methods used in pest control.

* There is what is known as resistance or biological control (biological), which is a group of ways in which living organisms are used to resist harmful pests, for example, America’s use of the Abu Eid insect to combat mealybugs intrusive on citrus trees such as tangerines and lemons, and there are many ways of biological resistance to eliminate Harmful insects, including the previous method, in addition to other methods, including:

1_ Using predatory insects and birds to eliminate harmful insects.

2_ Using attractive or repellent materials that can eliminate pests.

3_ The use of parasitic organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

4_ Use the technique of sterilization of harmful insects to prevent childbearing.

5_ Using hormones to prevent harmful insect larvae from reaching the pupal stage to remain in a state of molting until they die.

* Our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain uses attracting or harmful substances to combat harmful insects as one of the modern technologies used in the field of pest control, in addition to the use of chemical materials with quick and effective efficacy that provide good results that satisfy service seekers from the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and contribute to Preserving the wealth of the Emirati people.

* For information, the damage caused by chemical pesticides enables scientists specialized in the field of pest control to deal with them in a way that does not harm humans, animals or plants, in different ways to remove the harmful effects, which is what we follow in our dealings with the use of these pesticides in the so-called post-resistance service, a guarantee of human preservation And his properties from any negative effects. They were trained on this in our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in a scientific manner, in theory and in practice, in a way that guarantees a state of providing the best pest control services, after a long experience witnessed by those who deal with our company from those requesting the service.

* A number of problems occur due to chemical pesticides, however, scientists were able to take advantage of pesticides in eliminating harmful insects after finding solutions and avoiding the occurrence of negative consequences for these problems, including:

1- The effect on the plant, it may lead to a change in the color of the leaves or the occurrence of severe transpiration (i.e. water leaving the plant), which negatively affects the plant, as it may lead to its drying out, as well as the negative effect as the photosynthesis process stops, and also leaves fall through the death of cells around the neck of the paper.

2- Effects on fish and birds, and their number decreases due to their death or harmful effects.

3- Damage to beneficial insects, as chemical pesticides do not differentiate between beneficial and harmful insects.

4- The effect of chemical pesticides extends to the soil negatively, harming the composition of the soil itself and the organisms that live in it from nitrogen-fixing bacteria and the possibility of the negative impact reaching the groundwater with rain, as well as soil erosion.

* Our close follow-up in our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to the latest scientific studies in the field of pest control and interest in applying the methods and methods of resistance or chemical and biological control approved by those studies, made our company’s specialists, after theoretical and practical training, able to perform the service of eliminating pests Harmful insects and their aftermath by effectively removing the effects of chemical pesticides, balancing the two sides of the equation as: Achieving harmful pest control service, and at the same time avoiding the negative effects of chemical or biological pesticides, which increases the confidence of our customers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and our growing ability to Perform advanced services all the time.

* And through our experience in the field of pest control; The best company that works in this field according to scientific standards is the one that does not have the following:

1- Getting acquainted with the latest scientific studies in the field of pest control and adopting what they produce from the methods used, and the highly effective pesticides, whether chemical or biological.

2- Not to resort to old methods that have proven to be unsuccessful or low in productivity, as well as old pesticides that have proven incapable of eliminating harmful pests.

3- Adopting faster and better service delivery methods in a short time that gives the service applicant confidence in the possibility of using those companies of good interest to work on delivering the best service to customers.

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