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bed bug control

bed bug control

* An annoying insect in all honesty, its small size, its miserable color, its disgusting smell, and the damage it causes, all of this makes a person hateful. her, fighting her; Because it is not Certainly, they are beneficial or harmful insects; they are only harmful and annoying in form and content, and this is what the following information will reveal:

1- Some think that bed bugs are found in unclean places only; But it is actually found in places that are both unclean and clean.

2- Bed bugs prefer to be in bedrooms and have their own ways of infiltrating bedrooms, and these ways are: infiltrate through travel bags, and hide inside wooden chairs, tables, beds and all the furniture, as well as infiltration through the clothes of travelers, visitors and guests.

* Researchers at the University of Marseille in France have discovered, through their research, a torrent to eliminate bedbugs using a type of fungus that destroys insect pests, and bed bugs have multiple forms, and the same insect lives from one to three months approximately in the event that abundant food is available to it. It is brown in color and feeds on human and animal blood and continues to suck blood until it swells and becomes the size of an apple seed and turns red after its color was brown. .

* Among the reasons for the appearance of bedbugs, as mentioned above, is the lack of hygiene in the house, and there are other reasons such as raising pets in the house, as well as buying used furniture without making sure of its cleanliness and without examining it well, so when buying used furniture, it must be checked very carefully. Especially if it has cracks, holes and holes, and the most important damage of bedbugs lies in absorbing blood from humans and feeding on them, which causes sensitivity, permanent itching and constant pain. Therefore, you find bed bugs with great care, and our company in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain performs this role with great interest and meets the requests Recall no matter where in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, because the fight against bed bugs, this harmful insect requires special treatment in spraying furniture of homes, companies, factories and all buildings in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, spraying well and with great care and for a long time in which the corners of buildings, corridors, corridors and over the back are examined Each cupboard and between the seat and bed furniture is a guarantee to provide a prevention service and a service to deal with bed bugs as soon as they appear.

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