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ant control

* All people, or at least most of them, know that in life there are sciences such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography, history, and others; But certainly very few and very rare in every country know that there is a note named after him "Antology", and ant science is concerned with the study of the miraculous insect of ants, because this organism really deserves to have a special science, but rather special sciences, as the number of its types, according to some scientific sources, is 118,444. The scientific study of ants as a branch of entomology, which in turn is a branch of zoology, and the first to use this term is the scientist Wheeler.

* Ants are social insects, that is, they live in colonies, and their lives are characterized by a severe and strict system that depends on the distribution of work between individuals. 12,500 species have been classified so far. The type of ant is known from the two teachers in its body are the antennae and the waist (i.e. the middle of the body). The ant colony is divided into the queen, the workers or the workers and the soldiers, and the queen is the most important individuals at all, and everyone is at her service. The males role is only pollination. As for the queen, her role is only procreation, and the work is divided between the female guardsmen who guard the colony. As for the occupations, they collect food and clean the colony and Any other work. The ant lives about seven years, while the queen may reach ten years, and the ants can distinguish between friends and enemies, through the antennas that touch the canopy (i.e. the path) in which the ants walk in a strict regime. The ants communicate to solve any problem they encounter. Humans have learned throughout history At intervals, how to solve problems, and in this way, ants are one of the masters of humans, and people have learned from them about kitchen and medicine matters, and ants have a great role as a factor in pest control; But it is in conflict with humans despite all that, as some types, such as the red fire ants, invade human life, as they spread in all environments except Antarctica and some islands. Our company’s specialists on ant control theoretically possess the latest information in the science of ants, and how to combat them, and in practice serve the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and because we know that ants attack in large numbers kitchens, farms and gardens everywhere, we advise the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to rely on the principle of prevention so as not to The people of Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain are surprised by an attack of ants on food or their leftovers or on gardens and others, as prevention is the most important principle of dealing with insects, especially ants.

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